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Bartering Program for Martinsburg, WV Office Space

Working in our community, Concert Technologies offers Martinsburg entrepreneurs commercial office space in exchange for their services. The office space, located at 205 East King Street, is one block away from the center of town and would offer not only high speed internet, but the opportunity to form relationships with other small businesses located at our facility. The businesses Concert Technologies selects for the bartering program are considered on a case-by-case basis. For more information or to apply, contact us or call (703) 796-5400.

Martinsburg Journal Article: Technology company to barter space for services

A sample of some small busineses that would work well in the 205 East King Street facility:

  • Marketing
  • Website development
  • Staffing, recruiting
  • Government and commercial contractors (IT, Telecom, etc.)
  • Consultants related to Government procurement
  • Trainers/Instructors
  • Real estate
  • Property management
  • Software development
  • Project management
  • Telecom agent or data center broker
  • Building engineer
  • Graphic artist
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Sales
Martinsburg, WV Business Community Revitalization

Martinsburg, West Virginia’s downtown revitalization and economic development efforts have created a growing business-friendly environment worthy of Concert Technologies state-of-the-art global technology rollout call center. Concert Technologies recently relocated its operational command and control center for project management of national and global technology deployments after conducting extensive research on quality business sites in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. The Martinsburg, WV facility houses one of the world’s largest enterprises dedicated solely to the management of multi-site, multi-service technology rollouts. 


The City of Martinsburg, WV is building on its historic and geographic strengths to promote economic development in the downtown area and Concert Technologies President and CEO, Dennis Mazaris is pleased to share his reasons for selecting Martinsburg, WV in this brief video.

Learn More About Downtown Martinsburg, WV:

Visit the City of Martinsburg, WV Online:

Learn Why Berkeley County, WV Is a Good Place for Business:

Concert Technologies is pleased to be a part of the community in the state’s fastest growing city. From downtown Martinsburg’s convenient shops and restaurants, to its affordable cost of living, to easy access to the Washington DC Metro Area, Martinsburg, WV combines some of the best features of a historic town and a thriving metropolitan hub.

Over the course of two decades, Concert Technologies has honed the processes, methodologies and resources needed for the accelerated deployment of business technology for government and business enterprises worldwide. This new location provides an excellent base for further expansion and we look forward to continued growth with our new home, Martinsburg, West Virginia.

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