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Concert Technologies provides expert cabling services to meet your diverse needs. We are highly experienced in servicing structured cabling solutions for large and small networks as well as providing additional cabling services.

Cabling Services

  • Structured Cabling
    Services that encompass design and installation including compliance testing to ensure long-term performance, system integrity and investment protection. Our experienced and certified technicians know that the structured cabling system is the essential backbone of a telecommunications network, and is therefore critical to business operations. With our comprehensive, proven system of methodologies, we will provide the hassle-free and trusted service that you expect for structured cabling systems. Learn More

  • Structured Cabling System Verification Program
    Chose the lowest bidder? Concerned about quality and performance? Concert Technologies is the field verification partner coordinator for the world's only recognized program for the independent verification of your installed structured cabling system, compliance with the ANSI/TIA-568 requirements and other bid specifications pertaining to your structured cabling system. Learn More

  • Data Center Support Services
    Whether you are consolidating data centers, cleaning up cabinets or maintaining the physical infrastructure at your data center, Concert Technologies supports your data center's requirements with its nationwide and global rollout services. Learn More

  • riserSAFE Program
    Building owners and managers understand the importance of riser management and the associated concerns surrounding the building's riser system. Under the riserSAFE Program, building owners and managers work with one consistent, reliable source for managing the building's riser system. Learn More

  • The Low Voltage Cable Pulling Course
    As educators on Information Communications Technology (ICT), Concert Technologies and Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine bring you the industry's only in-depth course on the fundamentals of pulling high performance copper and fiber cables within commercial and government buildings. Learn More

    Low Voltage Cable Pulling Course

    Runtime: 1:33        Watch Now

  • Information Technology Systems Training Courses
    An important part of any installation and maintenance for structured cabling is the training of your personnel. We provide a variety of training programs taught by the best in the industry to suite your needs.
    View Training Curriculum

  • Patch Cord Management
    Patch cords are one of the leading contributors to poor management and fault isolation of demarcation points and structured cabling systems. To address this critical issue, we have patented the technology for the industry's first patch-cord adjusters called the PerfectPatch.  Through our research and development, we have several programs and guidelines aimed at the correction and elimination of patch-cord management issues. Learn about Design Guidelines, The Weekend Warrior and Educational Seminars.   
  •   How to Route Patch Cords For tips on routing patch cords, see the Cabling Installation & Maintenance article, How to Route Patch Cords.

  • Demarc Extensions
    The most important cabling segment at your site is the demarc extension, which connects your internal network to the outside world. We provide the expertise and support for installation and maintenance to keep your critical circuits up and running at peak performance. See our Demarc Extension Nationwide program's website for details.
  •   Demarc Extension Video

    Demarc Extension Video

    Runtime: 1:36        Watch Now

  • Existing Cabling
    We offer expertise in working through the complexities of utilizing existing network cabling and have the experience to work with limited pathway conditions to connect equipment to networks.

  • Moves, New Adds, Changes (MAC)
    Our accelerated installation and testing services include moves, new cabling additions, or changes to existing infrastructure.

  • Outside Cable Plant (OSP)
    Connecting communications for multi-premises sites requires specialized expertise and compliance with state and local requirements. Whether projects require under-street boring or cable pair testing between buildings, we can meet individual site requirements and guarantee your deployment timeframe.

  • Cable Assemblies
    We can quickly access cable assemblies and equipment from any of our 130+ Nationwide Rapid Distribution Centers, which provides you with lower project costs and immediate emergency support.

  • Electrical Cabling
    We have the partnerships necessary to provide licensed electrical services. This capability is often needed when a site lacks sufficient power, needs outlet installation or testing, or other services.

  • Rapid Deployment Timeframes
    We specialize in the rapid deployment of rollout services. Our Standard 3-Day and immediate turnaround services guarantee your project is completed on time. Learn More about our Rapid Deployment Timeframes

  • Cabling Icon
    Concert Technologies is the creator and a sponsor of the Cabling Icon contest—a contest with the goal of increasing awareness of the low voltage cabling industry, camaraderie among installers/technicians and the opportunity for education and career advancement for low voltage cabling installers/technicians. Learn More

  • Additional Services
    As with all of our model components, Concert offers many additional services to meet our your needs.

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