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Equipment and Technology Neutral

As a key part of our Rollout Services Model, the Equipment & Technology component determines the site-specific requirements such as services, deployment technologies, technical support and communication specifications.

Traditional technology rollout companies are experienced in a specific equipment or technology, which limits their ability to provide multi-services to reduce your site visits and deployment costs. With Concert Technologies, our well-defined Maestro Technology Rollout System® of methodologies provides us with the ability to deploy any equipment or technology and disseminate requirements quickly and accurately to our worldwide field force of onsite Concert Techs. This ensures accelerated deployments and numerous benefits that exceed the level offered by other deployment companies. 
Featured Equipment and Technology
Because we are technology independent, we can rapidly install, configure and support new, emerging or legacy equipment and technology, including:


Equipment and Technology Services
With 130+ Nationwide Rapid Distribution Centers and experienced local Concert Techs, we offer one of the largest field network support services for multiple equipment and technologies in the nation. Voice, video, security and data services include:

  • Installation, Shipping and Servicing
    Concert Technologies performs equipment installations, shipping, maintenance, support and servicing. This includes Sparing and Hot Sparing as part of our Logistics & Configuration services.

  • International Shipping Services
    Concert Technologies provides every service you will need to facilitate the deployment of your equipment around the globe with complete solutions from a single provider. We apply an additional focus on accurate and complete documentation to help provide expedited shipping timeframes for each situation you may have.

    Our specialized knowledge includes:
    • Clearing of your shipment through Customs and assessing duties and taxes.
    • Assistance in the preparation and submission of required export data and documents such as:
      • Commercial Invoice
      • Schedule B classification codes
      • Shippers Export Declaration (SED)
      • Nafta - Certificate of origin
      • Establishment of an Importer of Record (when applicable)

  • Configuration
    Our three equipment configuration solutions - Configuration and Burn-In Lab, Field Equipment Configurations, and Staff Equipment Augmentation - are designed to reduce your project costs.

  • Network Upgrades and Equipment Refreshes

  • Decommissions
    We provide full de-installation services. Combined with our RMA service, we can remove any equipment from your network with no inconvenience to your customers.

  • Return Services & Logistics
    We can ship or dispose of unneeded inventory or equipment as well as track and document all details including serial and part numbers.

  • Cable Assembly and Pinouts
    Concert Technologies has the experience and resources necessary to implement any of the thousands of cable assembly and pinout combinations as well as the ability to resolve connection issues rapidly on site or by phone.

  • Technical Support
    We provide experienced, expert 24/7 technical support for any type of equipment or technology. We gather, analyze and communicate the technical support requirements to our Concert Techs to perform any support service needed.

  • Rapid Deployment Timeframes
    Our Standard 3-day and immediate turnaround times guarantee your project is completed when you need it. More about our Rapid Deployment Timeframes

  • Additional Services
    Drawing on our diverse voice, video, security and data experience and expertise, we can provide services beyond those listed here

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