February 5, 2014

Demarc Extension is Mostly Uncharted Territory

A recent article from Cabling Installation and Maintenance Magazine titled “Demarc Extension is Mostly Uncharted Territory” discusses extending the handoff point between public and private networks and why it remains an area largely unstandardized despite it being crucially important to the telecommunications industry.

The article also covers:

  • The role of key players in the telecommunications industry, such as Concert Technologies
  • The FCC and a brief history of deregulation of the phone industry and demarc extension regulations
  • Products and technologies that facilitate a demarc extension

Click here to read the full article from Cabling Installation and Maintenance Magazine

October 1, 2013

Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) for Network Infrastructure: Quick Turn-Around, Easy Payment

Onesies, twosies for technology deployments at multiple locations spread nationwide or globally causing you grief? Is one Wi-Fi AP install at a site, two VoIP phones at another site and one cat 6 cable at another site, taking up too much of your time? Getting inconsistent results in quality and professionalism after your MAC deployments? Waiting forever for a tech to show up on site? Jumping through hoops to pay a small invoice?

Watch the Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) video for more information.

Standardizing your nationwide or global deployments by using Concert Technologies for your moves, adds and changes (MACs) for your enterprise network at multiple sites will reduce your workload and provide the consistent high-quality, professionalism and quick turn-around to meet your organization’s demands while providing you easy payment methods for small invoices.

July 23, 2013

Concert Technologies Launches Data Center Support Services Program

DULLES, VA, JULY 23, 2013 – Concert Technologies today announced its data center support services program to provide cabling, management, support and maintenance services for data centers on a nationwide and international scale. This program supports data centers of any size with a single, trusted partner available 24/7 providing a variety of cabling and physical infrastructure services whether at single location or multiple locations spread across the globe.

The data center program launch coincides with the release of a video produced by Concert Technologies to inform its data center customers of the full suite of physical infrastructure and cabling services available to them. The video can be viewed on YouTube at http://youtu.be/l7iz_wfFh3s.

The video reviews the following data center services:

  • Installation of data center equipment and physical infrastructure cabling
  • Data center consolidations or moves
  • Data center physical infrastructure clean-up
  • Data center physical infrastructure management including equipment patching, telecom circuit testing, smart hands assistance with server access and equipment configurations, and verification and documentation of existing conditions

Read Full Release

April 4, 2013

Install VoIP, IP Telephony Nationwide or Internationally

Choosing the right technology rollout company to handle the installation of VoIP or IP Telephony is essential to avoid the serious issues that can arise during the installs. In the wrong hands, mistakes can be made, leaving you to deal with cabling issues, technician issues, circuit issues and configuration errors. Choosing the wrong company for the job can damage your reputation, upset your customer and compromise your team’s performance, pushing your project over deadline and budget.

The solution? IP telephony has its advantages only when properly orchestrated by a technology rollout company with the experience and proven methodologies to deploy consistently across all your customers’ sites at an accelerated rate.

Technology type: VoIP, Hosted VoIP, ISP, ITSP, IP-PBX, SIP, hosted PBX, or IP telephony

Geographical area: nationwide, global, multiple sites, multiple locations or enterprise

February 19, 2013

GSA Connections II Overview on YouTube Presented by Concert Technologies

DULLES, VA, FEBRUARY 19, 2013Concert Technologies, a prime contractor on the GSA Connections II (CNX2) contract, released its first video to provide federal government agencies an overview of this $5 billion, IDIQ, multi-award contract for telecommunications and technology infrastructure. This video can be viewed on YouTube at http://youtu.be/5uDRRoIet7c.

This less-than-4-minute video, titled Concert Technologies Presents GSA Connections II Overview, guides federal agencies through the use of the GSA Connections II contract to supplement Networx−GSA’s premier telecommunications transport contract. While the Networx contract is known for bringing telecommunications transport services to federal agencies worldwide, the GSA Connections II contract provides services, products and solutions for telecommunications and technology within federal facilities worldwide.

The Concert Technologies Presents GSA Connections II Overview video reviews:

  • GSA Connections II capabilities
  • Solutions available under GSA Connections II, such as VoIP, WiFi, and other infrastructure technologies for federal agency facilities
  • How GSA Connections II supplements the Networx contract

Read Full Release

February 14, 2013

Telecom Project Manager and Field Technicians for Technology Rollouts

Concert has a series of metrics by which we rate our entire resource chain: from the techs on site, to our project managers. These ratings are recorded and tracked in Concert Orchestrated Processing System or COPS, our internal web-based operations portal, providing quality assurance on every project.

This video is part 4 of a 6 part series. Watch the entire series here: http://youtu.be/s7Co4j1wuUc

December 14, 2012

Technology Rollout Video Series: Part 1 of 6

The national installation of telecommunications and technology solutions and global technology rollouts require a firm experienced in the management and implementation of these projects.

This video is part 1 of a 6 part series. Watch the entire series here: http://youtu.be/s7Co4j1wuUc

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December 3, 2012

National & Global Technology Rollout Video

Multi-site technology rollout projects on a nationwide or international scale require an experienced technology rollout company with a proven system of methodologies to deploy any technology. This video reviews:

  • What technologies Concert Technologies installs and supports
  • Who is Concert Technologies?
  • What makes Concert Technologies different
  • What is the “human factor”?

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March 27, 2012

Channel Partners Seminar Presented by Concert Technologies Exposes Critical Business Strategies to Increase Value with Field Services

DULLES, VA, March 26, 2012 – Concert Technologies, the national technology rollout and global deployment leader, has been selected to present at the 2012 Spring Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. The session titled “Using the Force! Increasing Your Value With Field Services” will feature Dennis Mazaris, President and CEO of Concert Technologies, as a panelist. The presentation will be held Wednesday, March 28 from 10:15-11:15 am with no advance registration required for those attending the 2012 Spring Channel Partners Conference.

“Using the Force! Increasing Your Value With Field Services” is part of the Track Three: New Opportunities series to help companies boost and diversify their revenue stream by adding professional and managed services. Mazaris will join other industry experts to expose the added value of utilizing a field service organization for nationwide technology rollouts and global deployments. With VoIP and other IP technologies as the focus of service deployment at customer sites, the value added by field services to the telecom agent or VAR’s business can make or break the opportunity to win the business of the customer. Subjects covered will include:

  • On-site project management
  • Circuit testing and maintenance
  • Demarc extensions
  • Equipment de-installation
  • Installation of IP technology
  • Configuration of IP technology

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March 23, 2011

Concert Technologies Releases New Multi-Site Technology Rollout Resource on Newsletter Web Page

Dulles, VA, MARCH 23, 2011 – Concert Technologies, the leader in national and international technology rollouts, announced the publication of its newsletters on the company’s newly designed online newsletter page. This will provide the technology companies, such as solution providers, integrators and carriers requiring deployment rollouts of their products and services with valuable information, including:

  • Infrastructure Technology Rollout Tips and Advice
  • Guidance on Choosing a System of Methodologies for Site Deployments
  • Information on Industry Practices and Pitfalls
  • Various Options for Multi-Site Rollouts
  • Relatable Comparisons Regarding the Technology Rollout Process

“When it comes to rolling out technology at multiple sites, it is essential to understand the processes and consider the most efficient options available to provide standard deployments as well as accelerated deployments,” said Dennis Mazaris, President of Concert Technologies. “Our main goal is to be 100% transparent in the way we formulate our system of methodologies as well as our rollout processes and are confident that the industry will greatly benefit from the public release of our unique way of providing content for our newsletters online.”

Concert Technologies has been providing an email newsletter to customers as an educational resource to help them make informed decisions on the system of methodologies and processes utilized for their rollout. Without self-promoting, Concert Technologies has successfully guided customers through the highs and lows of their nationwide or international multi-site technology rollout. With the release of the newsletters to the public, decision makers can utilize the information to select a technology rollout company, choose the most efficient system of methodologies and ensure the success of their project.

Read News Release

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