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At Concert Technologies, we really did write the book on how to successfully deliver volume technology rollouts.   So, as you would expect, we have a wealth of understanding in how to do things right - at scale.  If you're looking for help on how to run a mass technology rollout, the good news is that you've come to the right place.

Here you will find a library of helpful content, all of it focused on helping you to understand the challenges and opportunities of these massive projects, as well as providing you with concrete examples of rollouts done right.

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A series of four white papers identifies the fundamentals of a Technology Rollout System and explains how such a system ensures the success of your multi-site technology rollout.  The series identifies the success factors in deploying technology on a multi-site scale.  You will learn the importance of categorizing your rollouts by size, as well as defining the relationship between technology, solutions, and a Technology Rollout System:

1. Process Structure

2. Rollout Services Model

3. Internal Resources

4. Partnerships


The Technology Rollout System is explained including its four key parts.  This information, combined with the identification of the most efficient Process Structure, Deployment Method, Rollout Delivery Team Configuration, and Technician Communication Channel, will enable you to thoughtfully evaluate and select the right technology rollout company and avoid potential project hazards in the future.  Additional benefits of this series guide include:

  • Minimized Site Revisits and Time/Cost Overruns
  • Accelerated Project Completion Time
  • Reduced Customer Management Responsibilities
  • Scalable and Flexible to adjust to project demands
  • Equipment and Technology Independent
  • Accountability with an Organizational Structure
  • Highest Level of Quality Assurance


Other Concert White Papers include:

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1. The Technology Rollout System
of Methodologies for National & International Multi-location Projects

The Technology Rollout System used by rollout companies to manage multi-location national rollouts and international deployment projects is examined in this video presented by Concert Technologies.  This information provides an overview of the Technology Rollout System employed for the efficient deployment of national rollouts and global technology projects.

2. Technology Rollout Process Structures for Nationwide & International Multi-site Projects

Various Process Structures are employed by technology rollout companies to facilitate management of multi-site projects. This video explains the primary Process Structures and their advantages and disadvantages when used to deploy technology projects.

3. Rollout Services Model for Multi-location Nationwide Installations & International Technology Deployment

The Rollout Services Model used for nationwide and international deployments is the second part of the Technology Rollout System. This video examines the Rollout Services Model and its associated components and services that are used to manage, deploy and support technology rollouts.

 4. Technology Deployment Methods for Nationwide & International Multi-site Projects

The rapid deployment of multi-technology, multi-service, multi-site rollouts across global environments mandates a defined Deployment Method to maximize efficiency. The various Deployment Methods utilized by rollout companies are compared in this video.

5. Technology Rollout Delivery Team Configurations for Multi-site Projects

Technology Rollout Delivery Team Configurations used by technology rollout companies to manage multi-site projects are compared in this video. This information explains the primary configurations utilized for Rollout Delivery Teams as well as their pros and cons when employed for global technology projects.

6. Technology Rollout Technician Communication Channels for Multi-site Projects

The Technician Communication Channel used to deploy multi-location technology projects is addressed here. The video explains the different communication channels used by nationwide installers and international technology deployment companies to manage and support onsite local resources

7. Concert Close Deployment For Nationwide Installations

The Concert Close Green IT Deployment Program reduces truck rolls and reduces carbon emissions for nationwide Technology Rollouts. This video explains how the Local Multi-Service Deployment Method, along with other factors, can contribute to an environmentally-friendly Multi-Site Technology Rollout.

8. COPS: The Concert Orchestrated Processing System for Multi-Site Technology Rollouts

Utilized by Concert Technologies, COPS, or Concert Orchestrated Processing System, plays an essential role in Multi-Site Technology Rollouts. The information in this video explains how this web-based software assists in the Unified Resource Rollout Delivery Team Configuration to manage Nationwide and International Multi-Site Technology Rollouts.

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