Case Study: Retail Point of Sale (POS) Deployment

Case Study: Retail Point of Sale (POS) Deployment

The Situation

This retail customer is one of the originators of the Activewear clothing category that offers customers a new collection every month and it was this rate of change that created the need for a new Point of Sale (POS) system - one that is able to keep pace with such a rapid rate of product change.

With company-owned stores located in countries throughout the world, upgrading in-store POS systems requires a “smart hands” approach, where local technicians perform all on-site work while corporate IT staff remotely manage system commissioning and testing.

When a project was initiated to upgrade the POS systems in their US stores, the customer looked for a technology rollout partner with nationwide coverage that shares their commitment to project excellence. After an extensive search, Concert Technologies was selected.

The Approach

Once the project began, the Concert team quickly identified elements of the Statement of Work that could be streamlined, saving the customer time and money, and reducing project risk. For example, the Concert Project Manager took over a step that previously required the on-site technician to contact an external vendor and then wait in a queue for the payment system to be provisioned.

Through this and other efficiency gains delivered throughout the project, Concert was able to reduce the in-store technician time required for each installation by over 50%, saving the customer significant expense, as well as reducing the potential for disruption in stores.

The Impact

As a direct result of the success of this project, the customer has since engaged Concert to provide first-line break/fix support for its stores.

Now with a proven technology rollout partner in place, the customers’ IT team is free to focus on identifying opportunities for adoption of new technologies that drive operational efficiency, secure in the knowledge that Concert Technologies’ local “smart hands” support will ensure that system installation and configuration is done quickly and consistently - and always to the very highest quality.
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“Working with the Concert team has been a terrific experience. The people at Concert truly care about delivering a quality deployment and they go out of their way to become part of our team rather than an external vendor. As one of my team said, ‘Concert are really stand-up guys’” - Customer IT Project Manager

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