Concert Technologies History

concert history:

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The Beginning

Concert Technologies was founded in 1995 by Dennis Mazaris, who created the company to address an unmet need: for a proven services partner capable of delivering a variety of consulting, project management, training and analytical services to the telecommunications and technology sectors.

The divestiture of the telecommunications industry and the Telecom Act together drove demand for expertise in extended carrier services. Our founder shared a unique vision for meeting this demand by offering services that included installation and support of telecom demarc extensions.  Later, Concert expanded into installation and service of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).  Driven by a passion to show that there is "a better way to do this”, Concert reduces project cost and improves project quality by minimizing truck rolls and site visits, and by providing the expertise to install multiple pieces of equipment at multiple sites.

The Evolution of Concert

Concert leadership quickly saw that global deployment of technologies such as Unified Communications and a variety of IP technologies, demands a comprehensive, flexible technology rollout system. This led to the introduction of the industry's first unified system, known as the Maestro Technology Rollout System®.  Maestro delivers significant benefits to customers: accelerated, cost-effective deployment, service and project management.

Concert Today

Building on the experience of hundreds of thousands completed rollouts, we continue to evolve our expertise and services to deliver the latest infrastructure technology. Concert works hard to stay close to our customers and their technology needs, so that we can enhance our understanding of their most urgent problems and then bring innovative, cost-effective, solutions.