Ethernet Readiness: Site Preparation

ethernet readiness site preparation

Carrier or Metro Ethernet, is the most popular way to get reliable, scalable, high-bandwidth Internet connectivity for today’s businesses. Making the move to Carrier Ethernet can be painless if you’re familiar with the process and your carrier’s readiness requirements. Unfortunately, lack of experience on the part of customers, building staff, and site readiness personnel often leads to costly site revisits, inadequate site preparation and unexpectedly long delays in commissioning service.

ethernet readiness done right

Simple, preventable surprises prolong frustration for all parties involved. Without an experienced Carrier Ethernet site readiness firm to anticipate the issues and prevent delays, the path to cost-saving, reliable high-bandwidth Ethernet service is expensive and disruptive.

Concert Technologies bypasses unseen issues and cost surprises. A Registered Telecommunications Project Manager (RTPM) manages each Carrier Ethernet site prep job and knows how to coordinate between the customer and LEC.  Major carriers call Concert every day to connect customers to their services - quickly and reliably.  After an initial survey, we will discuss the LEC engineer’s requirements and look for ways to reduce costs and accelerate the install.

Carrier Ethernet Site Readiness Made Painless


Concert Technologies Carrier Ethernet Site Prep Benefits

  • Accelerated site preparation
  • Minimize site visits and cost
  • Meet all carriers' readiness requirements
  • Local techs in all US states and 165 countries
  • 100% managed, Carrier Ethernet installation

Watch a short video to learn why Concert Technologies is the technology deployment leader in the US and worldwide.


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