Project Management 4-Hour Workshop

4-hour project management workshop:

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Project Management and Infrastructure Deployment for Multi-site Technology Projects

Executing the delivery stage of multi-site technology rollouts is the Achilles Heel of many organizations.  Missed scheduled dates, revisits, site disruptions, unskilled/unprofessional technicians, critical path slippage and, in some cases, internal/external resource terminations can all impact this stage of a technology rollout project.

Whether you execute in-house or outsource to a technology rollout company, the stakes are always high - your sites depend on you for a smooth implementation.  Our 4-hour workshop guides you through the challenges you will face during a multi-site rollout.  Here are some of the questions you will be able to answer after:

  • Do we have the internal resources and processes required to manage the execution of a multi-site rollout?
  • How much time should we spend managing the outside resources who manage our project?
  • What are the models used in the industry for multi-site rollouts?
  • What are the key factors that can negatively impact our rollout?
  • Why rollout deliverables do not live up to stakeholders' expectations?

About The Trainer

Concert Technologies is an authorized BICSI project management training partner with 20+ years of proven experience in technology rollouts. Concert educates the industry through national seminars, articles, white papers, and videos to better prepare organizations and the industry on project management of technology rollouts for multiple sites geared towards a consistent, high level of satisfaction.

Workshop Materials and Classroom

Concert Technologies’ training center is located in the same facility as our Project Management Office (PMO) and global technology rollout operations center, allowing attendees to experience first-hand how technology infrastructure projects are managed and deployed in a real-world setting.  Attendees will receive 4 workbooks covering workshop materials