Our Difference

our difference:

we are the experts at conducting mass rollouts

the maestro technology rollout system

At Concert, we know the secret to delivering high-quality global technology rollouts on a massive scale is a highly-skilled Project Management function. That’s why we have spent 20+ years building and refining a system of methodologies that are specifically designed to address the quality and consistency challenges of multi-site technology rollout services. These methodologies are called the Maestro Technology Rollout System (MTRS). Just as a Maestro conducts an orchestra, MTRS is the industry's first and only methodology for orchestration and conducting mass-scale precision rollouts of multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology projects.

how maestro works


MTRS applies a unique combination of People, Process Structure, and Technology to the challenges of achieving consistently high-quality technology deployments - at mass-scale across dispersed geographies.

MTRS minimizes project cost and accelerates project completion times, while maximizing quality and consistency.  MTRS is field-proven through hundreds of thousands of rollouts and uses a ‘technology agnostic’ architecture to accommodate future new technologies.

To find out how MTRS can help your project download our White Paper.

the elements of maestro

Centralized Single-Tier Process Structure

Our Centralized Single-Tier Process structure streamlines procedures and communication to "get the job done" more efficiently.  With a single point of contact and defined levels of responsibility, you know your rollout is in safe hands, as our experienced Project Management team directs and supports our network of trusted, professional Concert Techs.

Rollout Services Model

Built upon the experience gained through hundreds of thousands of diverse global deployments, the Rollout Services Model is flexible and can scale to any project size or scope. Where traditional service models are technology and equipment dependent, the Concert Rollout Services Model is universal and technology agnostic.

Internal Resources

Concert Technologies Internal Resources support our Maestro Technology Rollout System® through the use of our Unified Resource Rollout Delivery Team Configuration.


Our partners have Field Technicians dispersed across the globe for local service of your sites. We have developed these partnerships through years of technology deployments and by leveraging our unique ability to manage multiple external resources. These relationships ensure timely, qualified network support services across nearly any geographical location.

Rapid Deployment

A System Built for SpeedMaximizing speed without compromising quality gives you a clear choice when it comes to technology rollout providers.  Our Rapid Deployment Timeframe  is proven through hundreds of thousands of multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology rollouts.


Seamless Process Integration with our APIs - Ordering installation and maintenance is simple and convenient with Concert Technologies eBonding APIs. Our APIs assure time and money-saving integration with your system. Speed up the ordering process, eliminate redundancy, and avoid errors with industry-standard APIs that work with all the major carriers.  Now bulk orders, changes and real-time updates are at your fingertips, making it easy to keep your technology completely up to date.