Voice Over IP (VOIP)

voice over ip: done right first time, every time.

When it comes to installing Voice Over IP systems at multiple sites - nationwide or globally, a multitude of issues can stall progress.  From mistakes like improperly identifying or reusing untested and non-standard cabling (cabling issues), to use of unskilled and unprofessional local resources (tech issues), to lack of telecom circuit knowledge (circuit issues) and testing capabilities, to the inability to identify and fix configuration errors (config issues).  All increase the probability that return visits will be needed, or scheduled dates missed.

Efficient Installs for Hosted VOIP or IP Telephony

Choosing the wrong company can mean sacrificing your reputation, upsetting your customer, and compromising the consistent quality of performance needed to complete your project on time and within budget.

IP telephony adoption works best when properly orchestrated by a technology rollout company with the experience and proven methodologies to deploy consistently across all customers sites at an accelerated rate, while also having the expertise to resolve Demarc extension and telecom circuit issues that may occur. For more information on telecom circuit testing and cabling, see our Demarc Extension Nationwide program website.

Hosted VOIP, IP Telephony Nightmares