billing: no more late, incomplete, or unexpected invoices

In a fast moving multi-site, multi-technology rollout the chance that the billing process will keep pace with progress, or accurately reflect the work done is very low - unless your rollout services provider designed their processes for just that purpose.

At Concert, we employ our Centralized Single-Tier Process Structure to provide audited and consolidated billing that is delivered rapidly within 72 hours of completion at each job site and in the format chosen by you.  Efficient billing from us reduces the time and resources you need to devote to billing management and reconciliation.

Highlights of the Concert billing process:

  • One consolidated bill in your preferred format saves you time and project management effort.
  • Audited billing services ensure precise and accurate reporting for job times and costs for every site location.
  • International billing experience that addresses currency exchange and international tax issues.
  • Accurate billing is delivered within 72 hours of job completion - ensuring timely completion of all rollout processes.
  • Our proprietary web-based customer service portal, COPS, provides you with easy access to your Project Status Reports and other project details at any time from any location in the world