circuits: your connection to the world

Circuits connect your network to the rest of the world.  Concert Technologies has the knowledge and skills to install and maintain circuits, as well as provide maintenance and prevention services.

100% Operational Circuit Guarantee

In the unlikely event of a circuit malfunction or intermittent problem resulting from our service, we will refund the cost of the service and correct the problem within 2-4 hours of being notified of the issue.

Circuit Services

  • Demarc Extensions

Concert Technologies provides the services and equipment necessary to connect the circuit to your internal network, including Demarc Extensions -- the transmission path from the access provider's Demarcation point to the edge of the end user network. For detailed information on our services, see our Demarc Extension Nationwide website.

  • CPE

Our services for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) include installation, configuration, decommissioning, refresh, maintenance, and support. We are experts at rapidly evaluating telecommunications equipment to determine what type of media (cabling, etc.) to install. More about Equipment & Technology Services

  • Carrier Ethernet

Our Carrier Ethernet Site Readiness program provides the Ethernet site preparation services needed to meet all telecommunication carriers' readiness requirements across the U.S.

  • Circuit Testing

Due to the large volume of circuits delivered daily, carriers may be unable to test circuits at installation time. Concert closes this gap with full testing services. For additional background on circuit testing, visit our Demarc Extension Nationwide brand Testing & Maintenance section.

  • Circuit Validation and Provisioning

As part of circuit testing, we also offer validation, preventive and provisioning services, increasing the speed of rapid deployment to get your business connected faster.

  • Technical Support

We provide expert 24/7 technical support for circuits, the most critical part of your network. We have a complete system for gathering, analyzing, and communicating support requirements to our Concert Techs to ensure your business operates as efficiently as possible.