deployment services:

we are experts in technology deployment

At Concert we are continuously deploying IP-connected projects for our customers - thousands every month.  Here are our deployment services:


Because the Maestro Technology Rollout System® of methodologies is technology-agnostic, Concert is able to deploy any type of IP equipment or technology.  Our skilled project management team quickly and accurately identifies requirements and communicate them to our worldwide field force of Concert Techs.   For more on Equipment and Technologies click here.

Site Surveys and Estimates

Our Site Survey and Estimate services focus on documenting a job's physical requirements (whether wired, or wireless) and overall cost, so that you have a complete picture of your project before implementation begins.  For more on Site Surveys and Estimates click here.

Logistics & Staging

Our 130+ Nationwide Rapid Distribution Centers (NRDCs) and local field force partnerships, enable us to deliver accelerated rollout services to meet your SLA requirements. For virtually any site location worldwide, we ensure full accuracy and on-time delivery of equipment.  For more on Logistics and Staging click here.