Logistics & Staging

logistics & staging: 

everything you need. where you need it, when you need it

Integrated Logistics, Warehousing and Staging Solutions

Concert Technologies' 130+ Nationwide Rapid Distribution Centers (NRDCs) and local field force partnerships enable us to deliver accelerated rollouts designed to meet your SLA.  For virtually any site location worldwide, we can ensure accurate, on-time delivery of equipment.

Inventory Management (Sparing)

We warehouse and inventory-manage your equipment and deliver equipment and materials, and dispatch a professional Concert Tech to your local site. All equipment and materials are tracked, monitored, and reported in our web-based customer portal, COPS.  For customers requiring International logistical support we offer the following sparing services:

  • Local to international and/or international spares locations
  • Rapid deployment strategies for shortest possible response time
  • Inventory management
  • Asset visibility and tracking

Hot Sparing

Hot Sparing expedites deployment speed per your SLA by utilizing a Concert Tech located within close proximity to the site location to install and service equipment as needed.


Our equipment configuration solutions - Configuration and Burn-In Lab, Field Equipment Configurations, and Staff Equipment Augmentation - are designed to reduce project cost.

Assembly, Staging, Kitting, and Rack/Stack

Configure all equipment and materials prior to rollout implementation; organized with instructions and color coded packaging before shipping to each site.

Return Services & Logistics

We ship or dispose of unneeded inventory or equipment and track and document all details including serial and part numbers as well as additional details.


Site-specific requirements for a nationwide or global technology rollouts may be overlooked during the solution design phase. Because of this, we specialize in providing accelerated purchasing support to accommodate, track, and deliver equipment and materials as needed.