Data Center Support Services

datacenter support services

Whether you are consolidating data centers, cleaning up cabinets or maintaining the physical infrastructure at your data center, you need a trusted partner to support your requirements. Concert is a global leader in data center services-planning and management, providing the skilled local resources to work with your team and support your data center requirements. Whether you have one or many data centers anywhere in the world, Concert Technologies reduces your team's workload and maximizes their efficiency.

Consolidations or Moves

Moving your equipment from an existing facility to a new data center, or even within the facility, requires precise planning and coordination, extensive documentation and labeling, protective handling techniques, insurance measures, and specialized management. With all these pieces in place, an experienced team will have your equipment relocated and up and running within your critical time-frame. Concert Technologies' experience in data center consolidation is a time-saver and a virtual insurance policy for your team. Our proven processes, methodologies and resources can accelerate delivery and protect your investment.

Physical Infrastructure Clean-Up

Cabinets, and the physical patching within, will deteriorate over time due to the number of resources patching with improper, or even non-existent, patching guidelines and enforcement. This lack of management leads to more incidents and prolonged fault isolation and resolution times. Concert Technologies will manage cleanup and provide the skilled local resources, documentation templates, and the labeling and planning strategy necessary to quickly get your patching fields in top shape.

Physical Infrastructure Management

Management of your physical on-site infrastructure,including equipment patching, telecom circuit testing, smart hands assistance with server access and equipment configurations, or verification and documentation of existing conditions in your data center space is a pain if you don't have resources available to you when you need them. An inexperienced and unpredictable team working on your infrastructure creates excessive delays in network configurations and performance. Concert Technologies has specific data-center methodologies and programs based on TIA-942, BICSI 002 and ISO Standards. Whether your needs are routine or occasional, rely on our experience providing and managing skilled local resources to maintain your enclosures, patching fields and equipment. An optimized physical layer infrastructure is great protection against data center failures. Whether you have one data center locally, or many data centers around the globe, let Concert Technologies support your team with a full suite of data center services to meet your highest requirements.