site surveys that you can trust

Site Survey Services

Our Site Survey and Estimate services focus on capturing your job's physical (wired and wireless) requirements and cost, so that you have a complete picture of your project before implementation begins.

Project details are fully documented then made accessible via our web-based portal, COPS.  We save you time and money by implementing survey and estimate services as part of our Rollout Services Model.

Phone Survey

For some jobs we can conduct site surveys via the telephone, saving you considerable time and money.

Onsite Survey

Our onsite survey includes the review and documentation of all your project requirements; including facility layout, Demarc locations, cable pathways and equipment.

Estimate Services

Our materials, labor and equipment estimates give you clear options to meet your timeline and budget.  In every technology rollout, we minimize your cost wherever possible, by utilizing phone surveys and recorded site location history for estimation purposes.