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Maestro Technology Rollout System®
Maestro Technology Rollout System Diagram

We understand the needs of today's organizations for multi-site technology rollout services from a single-source provider. We have spent more than a decade developing and refining the most efficient system to fulfill your needs - the Maestro Technology Rollout System®.

The Maestro Technology Rollout System® is the industry's first unified system of methodologies designed to provide you with the accelerated deployment of multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology rollouts to government, commercial, and international markets. The Maestro Technology Rollout System® is designed to minimize your overall project costs and accelerate your project completion speed. The Maestro System has proven itself in the successful implementation of hundreds of projects per week (totaling 300,000+ technology rollouts to date) and is designed to accommodate the future demand for new IP technologies.

Learn more about how a Technology Rollout System can lower your projects costs and time. Read your complimentary white paper. Download Now
A Comprehensive, Unified System for Your Technology Rollouts
Technology advances constantly. Rollout projects continually present new and various requirements and complexity. The Maestro Technology Rollout System® offers a flexible, comprehensive solution for meeting your needs of today and tomorrow. Comprised of the Centralized Single-Tier Process Structure, Rollout Services Model, Internal Resources, and Partnerships, the Maestro System enables capabilities beyond what traditional technology-dependent service companies can offer you.

  • Centralized Single-Tier Process Structure
    The Maestro Technology Rollout System®'s Centralized Single-Tier Process Structure defines the processes for management of each rollout via our internal resources and relationships. It also focuses on a single point of contact to reduce your internal management effort as well as streamline communication.

  • Rollout Services Model
    Our Rollout Services Model is comprised of nine integrated multi-service components that are implemented through our Centralized Single-Tier Process Structure. It is designed to meet and exceed your reliability and flexibility needs.

  • Internal Resources
    Internal Resources include our internal operations, network infrastructure, training, and company culture essential to deploying your technology rollouts rapidly and with minimized project costs.

  • Partnerships
    The unified collaboration with our partnering relationships of Concert Techs across the globe ensures that every one of your site locations are serviced rapidly and efficiently. 
Key Benefits
The Maestro Technology Rollout System®:
  • Permits multiple services in one truck roll to reduce project time and cost.
  • Provides you with a single-source for multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology rollouts.
  • Minimizes your project costs and guarantees accelerated project deployment.
  • Meets your varying project needs for national and international rollouts with its flexible and scalable design.
  • Utilizes our proprietary web-based Concert Orchestrated Processing System (COPS) to provide you with up-to-date status reports and project details.
  • Employs Rapid Deployment Timeframes to complete your projects when you need it.
  • Utilizes Logistics & Configuration with over 130 distribution centers that enable equipment delivery that meets your SLA onsite timeframes.
  • Incorporates all-inclusive, multi-technology services that adapt easily to your future technology needs such as Unified Communications and IpV6.
  • Supports high-quality project performance and customer service with well-defined, structured processes.

Concert Close Green IT Deployment Program
The Concert Close Green IT Deployment Program reduces truck rolls and travel time to customers requiring nationwide and international deployments of technology infrastructure. As a result, fuel consumption and carbon emissions are significantly reduced. Learn more

More Information
Learn more about how a Technology Rollout System can lower your projects costs and time. Read your complimentary white paper. Download Now

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