Concert Technologies CEO Dennis Mazaris Spoke at The 2024 BICSI Winter Conference

Mazaris was joined by other industry experts at the BICSI conference on Tuesday, January 30th where they discussed what a holistic approach to Smart Building assessments programs mean.

For More Information, Watch The Video Below.

UL/TIA Spire vs. WiredScore-SmartScore



UL/TIA Spire


  • No distinction between company or individuals.
  • Any individual can participate.
  • Working experience in related fields is beneficial, however there is not formal prerequisites.UL Smart Building Assessment and Rating Program
  • Requires a qualified company.
  • Individuals need a minimum of 3 years’ experience.
  • Company commits to compliance and obligations.

Initial Cost

  • $1000 per Specialty (4 Specialties available, cost savings if more than 1 specialty is completed ).
  • Cost savings for completing training in multiple specialties.
  • Company Fee: $5000 USD (Annual subscription).
  • Training Each Assessor: $2500 USD.

Renewal Requirements

  • Accreditation valid for 2 years.
  • Extension with additional specialties or certifying a building.
  • Free renewal for certifying a single building during accreditation period.
  • $250 to renew accreditation if a building hasn’t been certified.
  • $1500 USD fee every 2 years for assessor re-qualification.
  • $5000 USD Annual subscription fee.
  • Company verifies 15 buildings every 2 years.
  • Each assessor conducts a minimum of 5 assessments per year.

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