5 Ways 5G And IoT Could Help Change The World

5G and IoT are making new waves with their potential and capabilities in changing the way the world operates.

August 9, 2021 – New advances in technology are generally targeted at making our lives better, but any improvement will fall short if it fails to help us preserve and improve the world. Even before the pandemic hit, the clock was already ticking on our ability to avert an impending climate crisis. The pandemic has given us some additional challenges in terms of balancing economic recovery with environmental sustainability, but it could also be viewed as offering an unprecedented opportunity.

Fortunately, 5G has been designed from the outset as a more energy-efficient technology than its predecessors, and it also has the potential to unlock broader environmental stewardship by means of a number of forward-looking use cases. By enabling behavioral changes, such as allowing larger numbers of people to work from home or almost anywhere else (WFX) and by improving fleet management for efficient transport, 5G could both, directly and indirectly, support measures that improve the quality and management of water, air, and soil, and also nurture other key parts of the environment like forests. 

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