Concert Technologies Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary and Milestone of 300,000 Technology Rollouts

Concert Technologies Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary and 300,000 Technology Rollouts.


Concert Technologies celebrates its 20 year anniversary as the industry’s leading global technology rollout company. Two decades of experience deploying infrastructure technology across multiple sites for government, commercial and international organizations has lead Concert Technologies to complete 300,000 rollouts. The company has released a YouTube video announcing these milestones.

To mark its 20th anniversary, Concert Technologies hosted a company retreat at Wisp Resort in McHenry, MD. Employees were invited to bring their spouses for an all-inclusive weekend of outdoor activities and a 20th anniversary banquet for the entire company.

“The employees of Concert Technologies have shaped the success of the company,” said Dennis Mazaris, CEO and president of Concert Technologies. “Our 20 year anniversary is the perfect time for the company to show its appreciation and celebrate reaching the milestone of 300,000 rollouts of infrastructure technology.”

Concert Technologies is known for their transparency of the processes and methodologies by which they deploy infrastructure technology. The Maestro Technology Rollout System has been used time and time again by the company to deploy technology, including CPE, Enterprise Wireless, Digital Signage, VoIP, and Demarc Extensions, among other IP technology infrastructures.

Concert Technologies was founded in 1995 by Dennis Mazaris, who applies more than 30 years of industry experience to a wide variety of consulting, project management, training and analytical services for the telecommunications and technology industries. The business has grown based on the company’s success, leading to its recent expansion to offices at 205 East King Street, Martinsburg, WV.