Managing Business Technology Deployments

The Benefits of Outsourcing Project Management for Business Technology Deployments

Enterprises striving to meet the needs of their customers often go to extraordinary lengths to develop new enterprise solutions driven by state-of-the-art technology.

Many companies prefer rapid, cost-effective, “hands-off” solutions for their large, complex business technology rollouts through outsourcing. However, understanding how a universal Technology Rollout System is applied to any technology, on a nationwide or global level, is helpful when selecting a third-party rollout provider.  To be effective, the rollout company they choose must offer more than just a single point of contact, an online tracking system, and a rolodex of contacts in various locations.

The best business technology is only as good as the project management team that is going to deploy it. Without the right processes and methodologies, poor communication, unmitigated risks, undefined project goals, inadequate cost estimates, inaccurate project timelines, and inexperienced project managers can all lead to failed technology solution deployments.

The tangible benefit of partnering with an experienced, nationwide technology rollout company with a proven system of processes and services that work in harmony to achieve the desired results. The ideal project management partner enables companies to minimize project costs, ensure timely project completion, and substantially reduce their management involvement.

Cost Effective Deployments

Vendor due diligence plays a huge part in the technology buying process. With so many options available to address a given business need, it is essential to show that the option selected represents the best investment. A key part of the due diligence process is to verify 3rd party references for the selected vendor.

Case studies of recent projects are often taken as proof of a vendor’s ability to perform at scale, particularly when nationwide projects are highlighted, but they should always be read carefully. It is critical that the organization can depend on a successful partnership with their vendors and the project management teams who will oversee the deployment of their solution.

By selecting an experienced technology rollout company, businesses can ensure that the most cost-effective solution to deployment challenges are used at every project site.

Increased Efficiency

One of the main reasons deployments fail is the “lack of the correct parts,” but the underlying root cause of the problem is always poor project management.

Good logistics and supply-chain management translates into high ‘first time fix rates’.  This is one of the biggest advantages of having rollout professionals oversee large multi-site deployments.  Fewer site revisits/truck rolls translates directly into lower costs and improved project timelines.

With dedicated warehouse and technology managers, the purchasing, testing, kitting, return services, and logistics of the entire rollout are taken care of by the rollout company.  With a proper technology rollout system in place, site-revisits are minimized and the technology solution is rapidly implemented.

Vetted Field Partners

No matter what technology solution is to be implemented, the job requires specific skill sets from the field technicians deploying it. Technology rollout companies with a large network of rated and vetted partners provide invaluable knowledge on who can be relied on to provide the best possible service.  With multiple local resources located nationwide or globally, all site locations will be serviced in a timely and efficient manner.

Full Support and Maintenance

Where internal teams may be limited to a 9-5 work week, a good technology rollout company can provide 24-hour support for any location.  Trouble ticketing, site history, circuit/equipment ID checks, real-time support lines and nationwide equipment distribution all ensure the fastest response times.

The Bottom Line

When executives are confident that their technology solutions are in good hands, they can focus on high-value tasks such as their development and production pipeline. By working with an outsourced project management company, a cost-effective approach can be achieved, provided that it is operated by an experienced team with a technology rollout system based on proven process structures and deployment methodologies.

With the right rollout project management company in place, technology deployments for enterprise solutions can be rapidly deployed across multiple locations. This clearly illustrates the value of the business unit selecting an outsourced project delivery method. Such an approach builds confidence that new technologies will be rapidly implemented without placing strain on their internal teams or compromising performance elsewhere.

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