Rollout Services Model

rollout services model

The Rollout Services Model encompasses nine integrated component services to complete all technology rollout project activities and processes.

Developed from the experience gained through hundreds of thousands of diverse rollouts using our Local Multi-Service Deployment Method, our Rollout Services Model is flexible and will scale to any project size and scope. Where traditional service models are technology and equipment dependent, our Rollout Services Model is universal and technology independent.

Model Components:

  • Project Management

This cornerstone component is the management of project processes, communication, documentation, and the coordination of Concert Techs. Project Management services include immediate issue ticketing, site history, real-time email, reports, website status alerts and technical support for all technology rollouts.

Local Multi-Service Deployment Method
  • Circuits

Circuits are critical to an organization's network connection to the rest of the world. Our circuit services include installation, testing, validation, CPE refresh, provisioning and more.

  • Equipment & Technology

This component determines site-specific requirements including deployment methodologies, technical support requirements, communication specifications, accelerated deployment products, and the need for additional component services.

  • Cabling

Cabling services include structured cabling, existing cabling, MACs (moves, adds, changes), OSP, testing, assemblies, power, and cable management. Customized cabling services are available to meet project needs.

  • Site Surveys & Estimates

This component is essential in determining scope, detailing equipment and cabling needs (both technology & power). Services include phone, onsite and wireless assessment surveys.

  • Logistics & Configuration

The 130+ Nationwide Rapid Distribution Centers (NRDC) in our Rollout Services Model, enable onsite equipment and technology response services within 2 to 4 hours anywhere in the U. S. We are able to meet Service Level Agreement (SLA) timeframes and have international locations. Warehousing services include inventory management, staging, equipment configuration, testing, kitting, rack/stack, return services, logistics and sparing programs.

  • Billing

We submit detailed bills quickly, and accurately upon completion of each job.

  • Solution Support

This component is integral to the relationship between your solution and the Maestro Technology Rollout System®, which implements that solution. Services include onsite design & engineering as well as project staff augmentation.

  • 24/7 Maintenance

Concert can provide 24/7 maintenance and support on a nationwide and global basis.

More Information
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