A Scalable Project Management Model for Deploying Technology at Multiple Sites

A model of what a proper technology rollout for multiple sites should focus on.

To consistently deliver rapid technology rollouts, skilled project management is crucial. The Project Management component of a Technology Rollout System incorporates six primary roles:

Program Manager

Oversees macro programs and all project managers working on those programs. Program Managers also provide Quality Assurance.

Project Manager

Overall project management leader for and customer’s single point of contact, from initial meeting to project completion.

Project Facilitator

Manages all aspects of day-to-day delivery of rollout services.

Warehouse Manager

Supervises equipment distribution, kitting, and logistics.

Technology Manager

Manages the Web-based Software Application and provides software support functions.

Partnership Manager

Manages recruitment and QA of technology company rollout partners.

For more details on the responsibilities of each member of the technology rollout project management team and why a scalable model for deploying technology is important for a partnership, please read our detailed project management guide here.