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reduce fuel consumption and Emissions by up to 70%

"According to the [Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)], light trucks account for 62% of greenhouse gas emissions...If a large wireless provider with a fleet of 1000 trucks was able to eliminate three truck rolls a week, that would represent a savings of 3.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions."

Dan Murray, VP, Kentrox

The Concert Close Green IT Deployment Program is Concert Technologies' solution to address your environmental concerns and sustainability requirements. It is designed to reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions, while reducing your multi-site rollout project cost by:

  1. 1. Setting maximum travel distances for each truck roll by performing 90% of our national rollouts of technology within:
      1.        20 miles or less one-way for urban areas
      2.        40 miles or less one-way for rural areas
  2. 2. Limiting the number of truck rolls by providing multiple services at a time

Local Multi-Service Green IT Deployment Method

We are able to deliver Green IT deployments and maximize site-cost saving benefits, by employing the Local Multi-Service Deployment Method. For more information, view our Green IT Deployment Video.

Support Green Initiatives

Following the presidential initiative extending broadband to the nation’s most rural areas and providing green-conscious industry services, Concert Close reduces the consumption of fuel and associated emissions of deployed services by up to 70% for multi-location projects. Employing this methodology, we provide green-conscious multi-site technology deployments for government, commercial and international organizations.

For detailed information on the Concert Close Green IT deployment program, download our White Paper.

Leading the Way for the Green IT Industry

Typically, rollout companies dispatch field technicians by searching for a resource in proximity to each site. However, most companies providing such services do not have partnerships already established to provide qualified professionals within a 40 miles of remote and rural areas. Thus, the closest resource is often anywhere from 75 to 200 miles away from the site.

Concert Close uses a distance threshold of 20 miles or less for urban areas and 40 miles or less in rural locations,so we can ensure that your project has the most fuel efficient deployment possible,  when combined with multiple services in the fewest truck rolls.