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Cabling Icon was developed by the Concert Technologies team as the industry’s first entirely interactive contest to find the world’s best low voltage installer or technician. The goal of the competition is to increase awareness of the low voltage cabling industry, camaraderie among installers/technicians and increase the opportunity for education and career advancement in the low voltage cabling industry.

With a series of rounds demonstrating different skills and the guidance of a panel of judges, the Cabling Icon Contest recognizes the skills, knowledge and hard work of the field techs. For someone just starting out in the low votlage cabling industry, Cabling Icon provides the opportunity for training and professional growth for those who believe they possess the skills and talent to complete the contest challenges and impress the judges.

Cabling Icon Prizes

Season 4 Prize Pack

As the Season 4 Cabling Icon, the winner received a prize package worth over $8,000! Prizes include:

  • $4,500 CASH
  • The coveted Golden Punch Down Award and an embroidered Cabling Icon leather vest
  • Bragging rights and the worldwide recognition of being the Cabling Icon
  • A TechTable kit donated by TechTable
  • A set of 48 Intelligent patch cords of any category/length & accessories, donated by 3P Design
  • All-expenses-paid trip to Disneyworld (Orlando, FL) to compete at the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge during the BICSI Winter Conference
  • Salary for one week while at Disneyworld for the BICSI Winter Conference

Runner-up prizes:

  • 2nd place contestant receives $1,000 cash
  • 3rd place contestant receives $500 cash

Bonus Contest with Additional Prizes

If the Cabling Icon is not already a BICSI-credentialed Installer/Technician, BICSI will provide one scholarship to a BICSI Cabling Installation Program Course. This will provide the Cabling Icon the opportunity to qualify as an applicant for the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge.

To further challenge the Cabling Icon, he/she will have the chance to participate in the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge held at the BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition. If the Cabling Icon is a BICSI credentialed Installer/Technician and is selected to compete in the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge, he/she will receive:
  • Travel to Orlando, FL for the BICSI Winter Conference & Expo
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Meals during the trip
  • Wages for the one week (40 hours) during the week of the conference
  • If you are selected as the overall winner and awarded BICSI Installer of the Year, BICSI will provide a $5,000 CASH prize

Cabling Icon Winners

Season 1: Dan Dosch

Besides Dan’s knack for video editing and setting the scene with Cabling Icon stickers in the background of his videos, the judges saw Dan as a talented professional who looks forward to a successful future in the industry. He has already earned a number of professional accreditations and designations from industry organizations, but is not stopping there. Setting high standards for himself, he looks forward to continuing his education and growing his career within the industry. Dan is the definition of a Cabling Icon—talent, skill, education, career advancement and camaraderie.

Season 1 Videos

Season 2: Alberto Luna

Alberto was a strong contender in the Season 1 contest, earning a 3rd place spot. Before his second attempt at Cabling Icon victory, Alberto achieved his BICSI Installer I and Six Sigma Yellow Belt certifications. Aligning with Cabling Icon’s goal of education and career advancement, the initiative Alberto took to advance his career might have been what pushed the judges and viewers to get him the votes he needed to take home the title of Season 2 Cabling Icon. Alberto is the definition of a Cabling Icon—talent, skill, education, career advancement and camaraderie.

Cabling Icon Season 2 winner, Alberto Luna, won the 2015 BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge to become BICSI Installer of the Year. See the highlights in this video.

Season 2 Videos

Season 3: Joenathan Barnes

Joenathan has been involved with the Cabling Icon contest since the first season. As the owner of MTM Media & Communications, he has proven that his point of view as a business owner, combined with his experience in the industry are two powerful factors that really impressed the judges. Joenathan is the definition of a Cabling Icon—talent, skill, education, career advancement and camaraderie.

Season 3 Videos

Season 4: Paul Neukam

Paul is the definition of a Cabling Icon—talent, skill, education, career advancement and camaraderie. As the owner of a small business, SiteWise Systems, Paul really understands the need for hands-on experience and education in the industry and proved this in his Cabling Icon entry.

Season 4 Videos

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