Concert Technologies Preparedness Initiatives for COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Concert Technologies takes initiative to continue work even during COVID-19.

Concert Technologies takes a broad approach to business continuity, including ensuring the proper mitigation strategies are in place to protect against the potential impacts of a wide-spread risk situation.

In response to the increase in Coronavirus COVID-19 cases both inside the United States and globally, Concert Technologies has reviewed our internal risk assessment procedures, including our Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) for applicability to the situation, and while there is currently no foreseen impact to our operations we wanted to take the opportunity to share with our Customers some information on what can be expected from Concert in the event that COVID-19, or any other potential major outbreak, reaches an impactful risk level.

• Impact to business operations: Concert’s Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) incorporates a telework strategy which covers all personnel; in the event of a major risk situation, Concert is able to immediately assign all employees to telework, ensuring all scheduled work performance at Customer and End User sites, and Customer support efforts continue uninterrupted.

• Impact to Customers: In the event that Concert must implement our COOP, nothing changes for our Customers. Customers should experience no interruption to their projects, or any support associated with them.

• Impact to Resources: Concert’s multi-level project team design and cross-training of staff allows for personnel overlap; if personnel fall ill, cross-trained backup personnel are able to step in and manage the work, ensuring uninterrupted job execution and continued Customer support. Additionally, with our large pool of partner contractors, we are able to swiftly respond to changes in field work staffing, in the event of technician illness.

• Impact to job sites/work locations: While a large-scale risk situation may cause Federal, State, or Local quarantines or other restrictions, Concert will continue to work in and support all job sites while permitted by law and/or the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). In the event that access to a job site/work location is restricted by law or AHJ, Concert will work in full support of the Customer’s needs to reschedule the work for such time as restrictions are lifted.

Concert is committed not only to business continuity, but also to the safety and health of our own employees, as well as those who perform work on our behalf. That’s why we’ve also reached out to all of our partners to make them aware of our strategy for business continuity, and also to encourage them to implement their own risk management practices, including encouraging avoidance practices among their own personnel (handwashing, sanitizing, limiting physical contact, etc.).

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, and maintain constant communication with, and oversight of our partners, ensuring our ability to react and swiftly implement mitigation strategies, should the need arise.

If you have any questions or require support from Concert, please email us at [email protected].

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