EPA’s New Telecom Contract Will Ensure Every Employee Can Telework

The agency has yet to pick a vendor of the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contract but has built-in key modernization goals for remote work, according to the inspector general.

September 20-2021 The Environmental Protection Agency was well-prepared for mass teleworking during the pandemic thanks to smart planning during the agency’s transition to the new governmentwide telecommunications contract, the inspector general reports.

The General Services Administration awarded spots on the 15-year, $50 billion Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contract in 2017, designed as a replacement for the governmentwide Networx and Washington Interagency Telecommunications Systems, or WITS-3, contracts, set to sunset in 2023.

Trump administration officials touted EIS as an opportunity for agencies to upgrade their infrastructure as part of the new contract and EPA did just that with regard to remote work capabilities.

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