Ethernet Site Readiness for the Rollout of Multiple Sites

It's important to understand your building's ethernet capabilities to make rollouts to your building quicker and easier.

This Ethernet Site Readiness Video Explains the 5 Obstacles that customers encounter when preparing for Service Providers to install fiber into their buildings.

You ordered Ethernet service for multiple buildings, and now you’ve received Ethernet Site Readiness documents from your service provider. So, what do they mean?

With the transformation of Telecom Service Providers’ networks to Ethernet, providing multiple benefits to their customers brings with it the installation of fiber to their Customers’ facilities. Demarc Extension Ethernet Readiness

The above video provides all the information you will need to ensure buildings are prepped and ready for Ethernet installation, including pain points such as:

– Validating conduit into your building;

– Securing a pathway to your suite from the phone room;

– Ensuring sufficient backboard space for circuit delivery;

– Locating a dedicated power outlet;

– And providing grounding for telecom service providers’ equipment.

The video also covers all the of the most important aspects of the planning phase for multi-site Ethernet rollouts:

– Validating site readiness letters to determine that the requirements for each site are accurate;

– Analyzing the requirements for cost savings and changes in specifications;

– Meeting with local building representatives for approvals;

– And setting up meetings with local access provider engineers.

Without proper preparation, the switch to fiber can create many unhappy customers due to the inability of Service Providers and their Customers to provide the site readiness required for facilities to get the customer’s Ethernet circuits turned up within a reasonable time.

The timely delivery of Customers Ethernet circuits is critical to the successful implementation of their operation and Service Provider’s billing cycle. Having a good understanding of the obstacles facing all parties promotes the making of proper decisions, which are amplified when deploying Ethernet circuits to multiple sites.

Once you understand the technicalities of the readiness letters specific to your sites, you will be able to work with any Access Provider to ensure that there are no misunderstandings and minimize the risks of costly revisits during your multi-site Ethernet rollout.

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