How is a Multi-Site Technology Rollout Like An Orchestra?

How is a Multi-Site Technology Rollout Like An Orchestra?

There is a problem within the multi-site technology rollout industry.  Too many rollouts fail because they cannot overcome the barriers to reliably deploying technology at scale. Symptoms of rollout failure are inconsistent deployments, schedule confusion, chronic quality issues, and systemic service and support challenges.

The impacts of this failure are cost overruns, operational business risk, reputational damage for the technology group, and - most importantly - a poor customer experience.

A methodical approach to rollout management is required to mitigate the risks to rollout success. We outline an operational model that embodies such an approach.

Similar to a concert orchestra, where instruments play in harmony to perform a musical piece, all the elements of a technology rollout must work in harmony for a successful deployment.  Both orchestras and technology rollout companies use operating models to lay the foundation for meeting their objectives. The table below shows the similarities between the goals and objectives of the two.


Mapping the Models
There is a strong correlation between the two models. In leadership structure: Roles

And in Terminologies:Terms

How Are Multi-Site Technology Rollout Like And Orchestras Similar?
There are strong parallels between the two models. In leadership structure: An orchestra employs a strong, devolved, leadership structure with clear responsibility and accountability. Section leaders ensure a disciplined approach to the practice and performance of their teams. The role of the conductor is to integrate the teams into a seamless whole. The model relies on the players’ formal training, which hones technical expertise and a disciplined approach to practice.

The ideal operating model for multi-site technology rollouts employs a strong, devolved leadership structure, although for rollouts, areas of responsibility and accountability are broader than for an orchestra. For example, rollout pace and scale is greater than for an orchestra’s schedule of performances. The model includes a formal training path for PMs and PFs to develop their technical expertise.

Importantly, both models emphasize the importance of preparation as a method for achieving consistently high performance.

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
Although it may seem cliché, this old saying is at the heart of a successful rollout. The work of the PM to transform the raw SOW into a tightly focused work order packet, simplifies the rollout. Without the technical understanding of the on-site work to be performed, and a solid process for capturing the location-specific variations that will be required for success, this transformation is impossible.

In this area, the rollout PM is the equal of a Maestro Conductor. Each has superlative technical abilities, a genius for understanding how to perform a piece of work, a relentless drive for performance excellence, and highly evolved management skills. Formal training guides them in marshaling these qualities to deliver a great

The Bottom Line: An Orchestrated Rollout is a Better Rollout
The orchestra operational model is an excellent fit for high quality, technology deployments. To show how we can apply this model to rollouts, we explored the leadership structure used to manage, as well as the parallel terms used.

Concert enhanced the orchestra model to create the Concert Technologies Maestro system of methodologies.  Maestro provides the processes, training, and communication structures to deliver consistently great deployments at scale using third party local resources.

The proof of this approach, is the Concert Technologies’ 99.7% “Done Right First Time” performance, as well as our high customer satisfaction. If you need technology delivered at multiple sites, to a consistently high quality and rapid timeline, please contact us. We 'd love to talk to you about the lessons we learned delivering hundreds of thousands of technology rollouts over 21 years.

Click here to download our latest White Paper "Orchestrating Technology Rollouts".

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