Internal Resources

internal resources

Concert Technologies' Internal Resources support our Maestro Technology Rollout System, through the application of our Unified Resource Rollout Delivery Team Configuration. These internal resources include:

  • Internal Operations

Our internal operations consist of an experienced project management team, which is supported by rigorous processes that ensure rapid deployment of rollout services.

  • Network Infrastructure

Our network infrastructure supports the internal operations of the organization and includes measures to ensure our continuity of operations.

  • COPS (Concert Orchestrated Processing System)

Our internally developed web-based customer portal, the Concert Orchestrated Processing System (COPS), enables you to track your rollout status on the web and/or receive project status updates via email.

Unified Resource Rollout Delivery Team
  • Training

Our investment in employee training is a crucial part of our internal resources and focuses on improving company, industry and technology knowledge and implementation methodologies.

  • Company Culture

At Concert Technologies, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service for every project. This commitment is embodied in our company values.

More Information
To learn more about how a Technology Rollout System lowers project cost and time, download our white paper.