Save “P.O.T.S. of Gold” By Eliminating Unused Telephone Lines

There is a solution to dealing with your unused P.O.T.S Lines.

As fewer organizations rely on landlines for their communication needs, aging Plain Old Telephone Service (P.O.T.S.) infrastructure is getting more expensive to maintain and major telephone providers are phasing out their landline services in favor of wireless investment, all the while increasing P.O.T.S. maintenance fees.

As a result, Building Owners and Property Managers are spending too much on outdated and unsupported technology. While legacy alert monitoring systems, elevators, gates, and FAX lines still rely on POTS lines, service providers continue to draw exorbitant monthly reoccurring charges against unmonitored customer accounts, often for (too many!) Telephone lines that are no longer in use.

How To Solve Your Plain Old Telephone Service Issues?

Enter Concert Technologies. Our nationwide ‘P.O.T.S. of GOLD’ service was developed to help building ownership groups eliminate unnecessary building costs for any unused telephone lines and further develop successful transition plans to support their migration away from P.O.T.S.

Download our “P.O.T.S. of Gold” PDF to learn more.

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