Tech Ready Buildings

Concert President Dennis Mazaris Presents "Tech Ready Buildings" at BICSI Winter Conference 2020.

Driving Tomorrow’s CRE Technology Solutions.

Tech Ready Buildings utilize ICT lifecycle management processes and methodologies to ensure building infrastructure capacity, connectivity, and maintenance services are available to support all current and future tenant and building technology requirements.

Tenant demand for dependable, high-bandwidth Internet connectivity is increasing everyday. This has led many property management companies to seek out organizations that can help them understand their building’s telecommunications infrastructure. In today’s market, technology surveys lead to connectivity certifications and connectivity certifications lead to building marketability.

While this has provided the industry with a stop-gap solution to an increasing tenant interest in building connectivity, it is missing one critical component to a long-term solution: ongoing maintenance and technology consultation for property management and building ownership.

Without actively maintaining and documenting a building’s technology, property managers are limited to marketing dated survey information and certifications to their brokers and prospective clients.

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