The Anatomy of a Bad Rollout

There are multiple factors that contribute to a bad technology rollout.

A bad technology rollout can lead to long term infrastructure problems. That’ why it’s important to treat the symptoms as soon as they become apparent.

Migraine – Poor Management

Without effective management, stress levels rise and performance plummets. Learn the tell-tale symptoms that you have a bad rollout PM.

Ear Ache – Poor Communication

Poor communication between the team creates disjointed processes and methodology. Explore the communication challenges posed by multi-site technology rollouts, along with the methods that should be used to address them. 

Angina – Poor Site Management

Continual Revisits Put Unbearable Strain On Your Heart.  Learn about the four ‘chambers of the heart’ of a rollout and how to succesfully manage them.

Indisgestion – Poor Account Management

Over-charging and bills that don’t makes sense give you a sour stomach.

Athlete’s Foot – Poor Project Management

Unprepared and unprofessional field techs make your rollout limp along.

Carpal Tunnel – Poor Execution

Continuously replying to ‘what went wrong’ emails wears you out.

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