Verizon Business introduces IoT on 5G Nationwide, a new suite of Intelligence features

Verizon has announced that that it will be introducing 5G and IOT features nationwide as well as some new features in intelligence.

October 26 – 2021 Verizon-certified IoT devices can now access Verizon’s 5G Nationwide network through current compatible data plans in the ThingSpace IoT Marketplace, with new 5G Nationwide-compatible hardware and plans coming later this year. Devices and plans compatible with 5G Ultra Wideband are expected by Q1 2022.

Verizon Business has opened customer trials for ThingSpace Intelligence, a new suite of analytics and management tools that give users predictive visibility into their IoT device and network performance. The Intelligence layer applies machine learning to millions of Verizon network signals to help manage massive IoT and generate predictive alerts and notifications, with overlays for extreme weather.

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