Verizon Rolls Out 5G To More Cities And Targets Telemedicine As A Growth Sector

AT&T and Cisco are now using IoT with 5G capabilities in more cities and implementing it in the Telemedicine Industry.

September 8 2021 – Today sees the return of Verizon’s Small Business Days, a special promotion that enables small and medium-sized businesses to get access to special discounts and a 10-year price lock for 5G Business Internet. And although 5G isn’t available everywhere, it is being rolled out to many more major US cities and will eventually bring benefits to many communities.

According to Verizon’s own research, since the onset of the pandemic, 52% of small businesses report an intention upgrade to high-capacity Internet. To reflect this trend, Verizon has announced 5G Business Internet is coming to seven more cities.

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